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Measure. Improve. Stay Human.


Our best people keep leaving.  There's too much to do and not enough hours in the day.  We want to improve, but Lean and Six Sigma are too complicated -- too many tools and rules.  We need help.  


We have too much data.  The data pile keeps getting bigger and we can't make sense of it all.  If someone could show us how to find the signal in all of this noise we could drive our business with data instead of guesses.


A new manager isn't sure if she's cut out for management.  A QA manager is having trouble keeping track of all his projects.  A young VP is getting drawn into drama at work.  What do they all have in common?


 Mindset.Delta is dedicated to improving performance of complex systems and maximizing the human potential of the people who work in those systems.  We achieve these results using a variety of tried-and-true methods and tools that include:

  • Lean Six Sigma for process improvement

  • Modeling and simulation for understanding and predicting

  • Data storytelling for transmitting meaning and understanding

  • Integrative coaching for maximizing human potential in the face of de-humanizing complexity


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