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Business Team
Process Improvement

Process improvement requires a structured, disciplined framework.  Lean Six Sigma provides an outstanding framework and a toolkit for process improvement, and a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt can help shepherd a project as either a coach or project manager.   

Computer with Graph
Modeling and Simulation

Complex systems are difficult to analyze.   If you are struggling with understanding the dynamics of your complex system, Process Modeling can help in several ways.   It promotes understanding by illuminating the essential forces influencing behavior of the system, and it can assist with decision making by enabling "what if?" scenarios.  

Analyzing the data
Analytics and Data Governance

Does IT own your data?  If not, who owns the data in your organization?  Who is responsible for keeping it?  For distributing it?  Who decides which roles need access to specific data?  How are decisions about data security vs. data usage made in your organization?    If these questions don't have clear answers, you are probably in need of some kind of data governance structure.  


But data governance doesn't need to be complex or overbearing.  Using a question-driven process, we can help establish data governance in your organization.  

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